Kanye West - A Million And One Freestyle Lyrics

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OKAY, I RELOADED! (The League Crew!) Yeah It's (a million) [Hook] I freestyle battle n*ggas for (a million) How many n*ggas bit the soul, bout (a million) How many hoes did I bone, bout (a million) Uh-uh, uh-uh, it's (a million), uh-uh There's (a million) ways to die, choose one (A million) [Verse One] A lot of people ask about the money I made Even Just Blaze How are they for real, is them n*ggas really paid? Rappers I met, or, dealt with direct Is it true he won't send a beat tape until he get a check? What's the position you hold? Could you really match the Neptunes, check my check And "H to the Izzo" is the only single that went gold? If this Roc-a-fella s*it fold And you move back to the "Go" Is it back to ghost producer for D. Dot on the low? For the million time asking me Questions like Toni Braxton, harassing me Like you don't care about my son's feelings? Can I get a minute you wack b*tch? I ain't gotta jack s*it You heard "Takeover", who running this rap s*it? Ugh Fake t*ts Shut up and make hits Can't we all just get along, +Spread Love+ like Take 6 What, you doing beats in LA for Eminem and Dr Dre? Them n*ggas sold ten mill I'm trying to get paid We do this s*it for entertainment Bring guns to the arraignment While the judge in the chamber Let one up out the chamber BLAOW! [Hook] How many years did I wait, about (a million) How many n*ggas tryin' hate, about (a million) But when a n*gga count his cake, it's bout (a million) [Verse Two] '04 the College Dropout I make the game different I don't know what the h*ll y'all n*ggas been sniffin' 'Ye still flicking Hoes is my addiction Five days out the week, you'll find me in the kitchen Smashing the game, n*gga, unlike you Cause these beats change the game And the hook's right too I'm a crook like you Cats back in the Chi was buying tracks for dirt cheap Man, what could I do? Knowing I supposed to style I'm the fly boy poster child Bout to beat on Oprah now It's ironic and whatnot How I put no ice on the Bulgari watch Just to make it hot Now you see me on stages My hit resumes is Two pages For them n*ggas who played us Feet just raises Booming like Master Aces +Stand Up+, number one, and there's more to come All I got for hoes is hard d*ck and bubble gum While y'all brick like Fred, Barney, Rubble and them Chi-town in this b*tch, what's fucking with them? Not a d*mn thing, n*gga, we doing our d*mn thing BLAOW! (A million)

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