Gucci Mane - 2 Screws Loose Lyrics

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[Chorus: x2]
Them n*ggaz is gangsters, them n*ggaz is Shady
Them n*ggaz got screws loose, them n*ggaz is crazy
Walk around with they boots loose, tuckin 380's
Standin in the trap screamin f*ck you pay me

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I'm one-seven-five wet, movin like Deebo
Boxcutter like a n*gga work at Home Depot
Rep for my people, a big Desert Eagle
Shootin at your bucket like a Marbury free throw
get nothin, zilch I mean zero
Tommy gun sprayed at them n*ggaz playin hero
in the hood don't peep through no peephole
Cameras and motion scanners, try to creep h*e
Most of us iced out, some don't even rock jewels
They in the club for a purpose, and that's to bang the tool
Street smart, I'm far from that college dude
Love gettin good brains, b*tches give me knowledge fool
It don't take much, a little weed and the dutch
Couple sips of that Remy, now she wanna f*ck
Hoes see a n*gga chain swingin wanna touch
Rocks used to be cubed up, now my s*it is crushed


[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
My pack came in, I want seventeen-five for 'em
Bricks go down when you get more than five on 'em
Packin down to eight, I was holdin that 'tel down
2006 and now we're breakin them bells down
Gucci you the s*it, least that what they told me
Catch me in the 6 a n*gga right where the show be
I fronted you a nine so five what you owe me
If you don't pay me then it's back to the old me
Cocallina same color the snow be
Haters get found in the Okefenokee
You trap that's cool, I trap to school
I'm trappin boo, but I'm rappin too
Not a role model, hit that purp'
I'm not a role model little shorty hittin up turf
I'm not a role model, hit that purp'
I'm not a role model young n*gga cook that work

[Chorus: to fade]

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